Congresswoman Foushee Announces FY25 Community Project Funding Application Process for 4th District

Apr 26, 2024

DURHAM, NC (April 26, 2024) — Congresswoman Valerie Foushee (NC-04), announced that her office is accepting applications for Community Project Funding requests from Fourth Congressional district non-profit and governmental entities for Fiscal Year 2025. The deadline for organizations to apply for funding is May 1, 2024 at 12:00PM ET.

“Community Project Funding is a critical resource for our local communities, delivering federal funding directly to essential local projects across the country, and I am proud to offer this opportunity to local government and non-profit organizations throughout the Fourth District for Fiscal Year 2025,” said Congresswoman Valerie Foushee. “These projects requests will come directly from our community and local leaders, and I look forward to supporting critical projects that will address important needs of our local community and improve the quality of life of my constituents.”

Requirements and individual application forms for each type of project can be found on Congresswoman Foushee’s website here. For a Community Project Funding request to be considered, completed applications must be submitted through the individual bill forms on Congresswoman Foushee’s website no later than May 1, 2024 at 12:00PM ET.

The House Appropriations Committee has announced the following minimum requirements for Community Project Funding submissions by Members of Congress: 

  • Limit of 15 Community Project Funding requests per congressional office which must be made publicly available on the Member’s website. 
  • Project requests may only be made by government entities or non-profits; for-profit entities are not eligible. 
  • Each project must be for Fiscal Year 2025 funds only, and not for multi-year funding. 
  • Demonstrated Community Support required, such as:
    • Letters of support from elected community leaders (e.g., mayors or other officials); 
    • Press articles highlighting the need for the requested Community Project Funding; 
    • Support from newspaper editorial boards; 
    • Projects listed on State intended use plans, community development plans, or other publicly available planning documents; or 
    • Resolutions passed by town or city councils or boards.
  • Some Community Project Funding initiatives may require a state or local match, consistent with statutory or other federal programs requirements. 
  • Additional requirements and information may be required (guidance is provided in depth for each grant program in the application materials). 
  • Members must certify in writing that neither they nor their immediate family will financially benefit from the project.

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