Resources for U.S. Citizens in Israel and Gaza

My team and I are closely monitoring the ongoing situation in Israel and Gaza, and are here to support North Carolinians seeking assistance. If you or your loved ones are in need of assistance, please contact my office here or by calling 919-967-7924. If you reach out outside of normal office hours, please leave a detailed message and a staff member will be in touch.

Individuals in the region should follow local government advice to increase their security awareness, avoid areas around demonstrations, and check local media for updates and traffic advisories. U.S. citizens who wish to leave the region and can do so safely are advised to check the status of the border crossings or verify flights have not been cancelled before traveling to the airport.

The Department of State has made the following resources available for U.S. Citizens in Israel and Gaza. Please note, the resources were last updated on November 7, 2023 and will be updated as more information becomes available.

To Contact the U.S. Embassy

The Department of State has a 24/7 coordinating group communicating with U.S. citizens and is providing them assistance through phone calls and an online form. U.S. citizens seeking to be in touch with the U.S. Embassy can fill out this Crisis Intake Form or call 1-833-890-9595 or 1-606-641-0131. Family members may submit information on behalf of a U.S. citizen family member.

For the latest information and additional resources, please visit the U.S. Embassy in Israel’s website.

To Enroll in Travel Alerts

To ensure the U.S. Embassy can contact you in an emergency, U.S. citizens in the region should enroll their contact information in the the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

Departure from Israel for U.S. Citizens

Information on Status of Land Border Crossings:

There are no further U.S. government-chartered flights planned. Ben Gurion Airport remains open with commercial flights available. For information on flight availability, please visit Ben Gurion International Airport’s website.

U.S. citizens in need of assistance should complete the Crisis Intake Form.

Departure from Gaza for U.S. Citizens

The State Department is working on potential options for departure from Gaza for U.S. citizens. Please complete the Crisis Intake Form to provide contact information should the State Department need to reach out to you on short notice.

Information on Status of the Rafah Border Crossing:

The State Department anticipates that the situation at the Rafah crossing will remain fluid and unpredictable. If you assess it to be safe, you may wish to move closer the the Rafah border crossing. The Palestinian Customs Authority has published lists of those permitted to cross into Egypt. U.S. citizens seeking to depart Gaza through the Rafah crossing should consult that list, and if you find your name and the names of your immediate family members on that list, please go to the Rafah crossing on the appropriate day with your U.S. passports and other valid travel documents.

U.S. citizens in need of assistance should complete the Crisis Intake Form.

For NC-04 Constituents and Their Families in the Region

If you are in need of assistance from the federal government, such as the State Department or another federal agency, please reach out to my office by calling 919-967-7924.